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My name is Alberto and I´m here to guide you in your way to learn, improve or refresh your Spanish Language Skills.

A little bit about me

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My name is Alberto and  I was born in Spain (specifically in Cieza a little town in the south east of Spain. Amazing weather by the way.  Why am I teaching Spanish ? Two main reasons. It allows me to meet new people and to work in a field which I love, the teaching of my native language.  I consider myself as a curious , non-conformist, easy-going and quite energetic person so that motivation always be present in our lessons. You can see more about my profesional career below.

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I love travel and experiencing other countries and cultures. In the last three years, I almost didn´t stop. I have been living in different countries such as Portugal, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. As a consequence of that, I know pretty well which are the main difficulties to overcome when you need to learn a new language. Last year I was volunteering one month in a refugee camp in Greece and  traveling in New Zealand and Indonesia .My next destination is Australia, Do you like to travel? Would you like to share experiences at the same time you speak Spanish?

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I have been Scout since I was 12 and I have worked with children and teenagers since I was 20. A non formal education based on teaching values and principles. Scouts have had a huge impact on my personal development.  Indeed my scout group (San Jorge, 146) is like a family. Lots of my best friends are part of it. And although I couldn´t participate too much last year out of my travels, it is an important part of my life.


Meditation is one of my key-stone habits in my life.  I´m interested in Psychology and Neuroscience and I found out meditation as one of the best tools we have to keep our minds in balance. In addition, I had the chance to take a 10-day Vipassana course which has a big impact on my meditation practice. I could help you to build this habit in your life step by step while you are learning Spanish. By the way, breathing will be the first thing we will do together in class.

Online Spanish lessons_About me

Breathing is another important skill in this life.

Take a moment, breathe and be here.

My career

I graduated with a degree in Sports Science and due to my interest in Education field, I did a Master’s degree in Secondary Education. Through my travels I discovered I was really passionated about the teaching of my native language.  Therefore, I decided to study this subject deeply to teach others and share my passion.

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